Testament, LLC specializes in site development for the oil and gas industry, but also handles commercial, and residential projects with the same high standards.

Founded in 2003, Testament, LLC is not the oldest or largest general contractor, but it strives to combine technical excellence, with extraordinary customer service, and the highest ethical standards to deliver the high quality results on projects of all types.  This simple focus on treating our customers with the same sort of respect we expect reflects the importance of our faith to the Testament leadership team.  For Testament, the Golden Rule, really matters.

The owner of Testament, Bart Little, is a retired fireman, and he brings the same sort of attention to detail to the construction business that he used to rise to captain as a fireman.  He realizes that the work Testament does is important and makes sure that everyone at Testament has the same sort of commitment to excellence.

It is reflected in our company’s name and we strive to make our faith obvious each day on the job site.  That is a very high standard, but that’s OK.  Our high standards have helped Testament grow from one battered dump truck and an old bulldozer in 2003 to one of the fastest growing general contractors for oil field drilling site preparation.

Testament has worked in the oil and gas industry from Louisiana to North Dakota and from Mississippi to New Mexico.  We have expertise in all areas of drilling site preparation from building roads, clearing the site, and building the pad to the construction of containment ponds, erosion control, and site reclamation.

Testament can handle projects of all sizes.  They recently completed the largest super pad in Texas, a site for fifty-six drilling rigs.  Testament knows the importance of working closely with the customers engineers and addressing the issues that can arise on a big, complicated project quickly.  We know there is no one size fits all solution.  Every project is different and we strive to work with customers to implement the optimal solution in every situation.