Testament Construction is a full-service construction contractor for all phases of oil and gas drilling and exploration. In the earliest phase of a project we often clear the land , the build the roads, the drilling pad,  containment ponds, and fencing before anyone else is on site.

During drilling we provide roustabout services, hauling, erosion control, and almost anything else that needs to be done on to help our clients succeed.  At the termination of exploration we can do all of the remediation work to satisfy property owners and help with the tasks related to the start of production.

Often we are the first contractor in and the last contractor out.  If you need it done in an oilfield we can probably do it, but if we are not qualified to do a job we will tell you that too.  Testament understands that the oil and gas business requires honesty and teamwork.

That is part an important part of the Testament ethic.  We try very hard to never over promise or under-deliver.  We simply do the work, quickly, and professionally so our clients can focus on bringing in profitable oil and gas wells.